Our roster includes over 3,000 professional athletes including Hall of Fame members, as well as World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, MLS Cup, and NBA Finals champions. Of course, they’re all champions in our book because they’ve opened their hearts to children.

Kevin Appier
Tony Gwynn
Paul O'Neill
Andy Ashby
Rick Helling
Russ Ortiz
Rod Beck
Sterling Hitchcock
Lance Painter
Mike Bordick
Trevor Hoffman
John Rocker
Jeff Brantley
Darren Holmes
Bret Saberhagen
Kevin Brown
Brian Hunter
Reggie Sanders
Ellis Burks
Gregg Jefferies
Jeff Shaw
Vinny Castilla
Wally Joyner
John Smoltz
Norm Charlton
Gabe Kapler
J T Snow
Jeff Cirillo
Jason Kendall
Stan Spencer
Roger Clemens
Jeff Kent
Ed Sprague
Jeff Conine
Mark Langston
Justin Thompson
Dennis Cook
Mike Lansing
Steve Trachsel
Mike DeJean
Al Leiter
John Vander Wal
Jerry Dipoto
Scott Leius
Greg Vaughn
Cal Eldred
Jim Leyritz
Robin Ventura
Scott Erickson
Mike Magnante
Larry Walker
Jeff Fassero
Mark McLemore
Walt Weiss
Steve Finley
Mickey Morandini
David Wells
John Flaherty
Jamie Moyer
Turk Wendell
Mike Gardner
Charles Nagy
Woody Williams
Brian Giles
Phil Nevin
Eric Young
Ken Griffey