Meet Sam

At the Teammates Appreciation Part in Las Vegas in 2005, one of our special guests was Sam Berns, who was an infant when he was diagnosed with progeria, a disease of accelerated aging. We met Sam through a donation from Teammates to the Progeria Research Foundation and learned that he was a huge Red Sox fan. Unbeknownst to Sam, we made arrangements for World-Series Champion and proud Teammate Curt Schilling to make a surprise appearance at the party. Sam was still reeling with excitement after Garth presented him with Schilling’s Red Sox jersey, when he caught a glimpse of Curt standing by the side of the stage. As soon as he saw Curt, Sam’s eyes were wide as saucers. In a moment, Curt had swept him up in his arms and told him to say, “Yankees suck!” It was an unforgettable moment that drew a standing ovation from the guests at the party.