Meet Savannah

Savannah Miller of Franklin, Tennessee, is a teen with a passion for life and a heart for others. Born with spina bifida, a cleft palate, and deafness in one ear, Savannah has hurdled obstacles that many thought would be insurmountable. Her passions are A.B.L.E. Youth, playing T-ball, swimming, skiing, and performing sign language to music. In 2008 she was named Little Miss Wheelchair Tennessee. We met Savannah through a grant from Teammates to A.B.L.E. (Adapt, Believe, Love, Enjoy) Youth, an organization that introduces children in wheelchairs to competitive wheelchair sports. Savannah attended our Teammates Appreciation Party in Las Vegas in 2010. Her wide-ranging interests have led her to several career goals, and she would like to be a veterinarian, an author, and an artist.Zoom Lebron Soldiers IX 9