Meet Zach

In many ways, Zach Harding is a typical high school student. He enjoys computer classes at school, is a champion on the Wii, loves but fights with his younger sister Holly, and enjoys music (especially Kenny Chesney and Garth Brooks), hunting, basketball, and hockey. The only difference between Zach and his classmates is that he does everything in a wheelchair. Being paralyzed from the waist down due to spina bifida hasn’t slowed him down one bit. His passion is playing sled hockey, which he began playing 11 years ago. He plays right wing for the Pittsburgh Mighty Penguins and the Mid-American Eagles. Both teams have competed in and won tournaments in Ohio, Maryland, New York, Chicago, London, and Toronto. Although Zach is the smallest player, he’s among the top 3 scorers on both teams. His nickname is “Sniper” because of his quick, blistering shots in front of the goal. We met Zach through Variety The Children’s Charity out of Pittsburgh, and he was our guest at the 2006 Teammates Appreciation Party in Las Vegas.Air Jordan 3 For Women-024