Meet 3-year-old Bella Langford. Bella was recently hospitalized for surgery at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. Following her surgery, over several days as an inpatient, Bella had stopped walking and talking. She was brought to The Zone at the hospital in a red wagon, but she never got out of the wagon and never played.

That all changed one day as her father brought her to the Zone, and Bella decided to WALK through the door! Her dad was understandably shocked and thrilled beyond words. A few minutes later, Bella’s mother, Kym, came into The Zone and witnessed this miracle for herself.

“The thing a child is best at is being a kid. When a child is fighting for his or her life, that child is asked to "grow up" very quickly.” Says Garth Brooks, Co-Founder of Teammates for Kids “The Zone is a place where ALL kids get to be kids, even those who are fighting for their's the happiest place in the whole hospital."

Since then, Bella has been a different child. During return visits for treatments, she’s been walking, talking, asking questions about her care, engaging with her Child Life Specialist (Lindsie Warren, pictured) – and even riding her bike around the unit (which sometimes involves Mom jogging behind pulling her IV pole!) Lindsie and Bella engaged in some education/play with a doll that had a port placed, just like Bella’s.