It’s PROM night! The Child Life Zone in Atlanta recently held its first prom for current and previous patients, with all of the pageantry of a high school prom. There were corsages and boutonnieres hand made by The Zone staff and volunteers, fancy dresses and jackets, delicious food, incredible decorations, prom photos, and a hip DJ!

Many hospitalized teens either miss their proms or would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend one. Prom night at the hospital met and exceeded everyone expectations by far! Kamal, a former patient with a seizure disorder, said, “This is the best night of my life!” Atia, a regular patient in the hospital, is already talking about her dress for next year’s prom!

“We have been talking for some time about putting on a prom, and this year things just fell into place,” said Juliet Veal, Zone Coordinator. “It was really serendipitous how it all happened. We had incredible donations and support from volunteers as well as AT&T, Oglethorpe University, Yvonne Monet and many others. Yvonne, our DJ, was touched by so many of the patient stories that she can’t wait to come back!”

The Prom has inspired the Atlanta Zone think about hosting similar events like a Homecoming Dance and a Father Daughter dance. Prom Night, as it should be, was a night to remember for everyone involved!

"With our youngest just going to her senior prom last week, this story hits so close to home ... the Zone's mission is to give children that are fighting for their lives the same opportunities as those children who are not.” Said Garth Brooks “THIS story is the essence of what makes the Zones and Child Life very rare and special."

CLICK HERE to watch video of the Prom


What is the Child Life Zone?

Since 2001, the Child Life Zone Network, created by Teammates for Kids, has grown to 11 hospitals throughout the United States. A Child Life Zone is a state-of-the-art, therapeutic play area inside a hospital where pediatric patients and their families can play, learn, laugh, and relax. Each zone is staffed by child life specialists, certified professionals who help children and their families cope with difficult medical challenges through play, education, and self-expression. Teammates for Kids believes that some of the best medicine doesn’t necessarily come from a bottle--it comes from allowing KIDS to be KIDS!