For every boy or girl who has ever traced a baseball’s stitches in their fingers, smelled the leather of a well-worn and perfectly conditioned glove, felt a bat connect with a pitch and then watched as it soared out of the park—Little League Baseball and Softball has been an integral part of childhood and youth.

For the last decade, the Garth Brooks Troy Aikman Teammates for Kids Foundation has committed itself to fulfilling the dreams of youth baseball and softball players through its financial support of the Little League Challenger Division. The foundation’s latest gift, on the 75th anniversary of Little League Baseball and Softball, will fund a Little League-themed Kid Zone in a hospital in Williamsport, PA. The gift will also be used to send a Challenger Little League team to a tournament in Virginia for the next 5 years.
The Little League Challenger Division provides opportunities for boys and girls with physical and developmental challenges to enjoy the benefits of Little League participation.