While most of the country is experiencing record low temperatures, The Zone in Atlanta got a sneak peak at Spring Training with a visit from the Atlanta Braves Minor League players.

Fourteen players spent two hours with patients and families in The Zone in Atlanta. They played Wii Baseball, board games and signed autographs. It was many of the players first hospital visit and they did a fantastic job! They brought smiles and laughter just like the 'old pros!' Players were also able to make room to room visits to be sure that everyone was included, even those on isolation.

"We love visits to The Zone from athletes of any level! It is inspiring to our patients and families to meet these young kids who are working to make their dreams come true! It gives our kids hope," said Juliet Veal, Zone Coordinator. "It will be exciting for us to follow these players as they journey to the big leagues as they all seem to have a very promising future in the game!"

Players that made the visit were: Josh Elander, Tanner Murphy, Johan Camargo, Jason Hursh, Carlos Salazar, Tyler Brosius, Fernelys Sanchez, Stephen Janas, Aaron Northcraft, Victor Reyes, Victor Caratani, JR Graham, Kyle Kubitza, Kyle Wren