Patients and families at Mt. Sinai Children’s Hospital eagerly welcomed NFL legend and Zones founder Troy Aikman in the Zone on November 23. After taking photos and signing footballs for the kids and their families, and even enjoying an impromptu game of air hockey with one youngster, Troy made his way to the KidZone TV studio. There, he participated in a live show during which he answered questions from kids in the studio, and those submitting questions from their rooms.

While most of the questions focused on Aikman’s football career, one young adult in the studio audience asked him why decided to create Zones for kids in the hospital. Troy’s heartfelt reply reminded everyone of the purpose of Child Life Zones--to give children opportunities for fun and play that they may not otherwise have in the hospital. “The Zone is a place that kids can escape the realities of their hospital stay. If anything, it gives them an opportunity to be creative and express themselves in a way they would not be able to do when in their room.” said founder of the Child Life Zone, Troy Aikman “The Zone in New York is one of 10 therapeutic play areas for kids we have around the country, and they are changing lives every day” Troy shared photos from his visit during the Cowboys/Giants game that he announced on FOX on Sunday.

Diane Rode, Director of the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department at Mt. Sinai, said, “Troy’s visit brightened the day for some of our most seriously ill children and their families. We were proud to share how The Zone here at the Mount Sinai Children’s Hospital is a beacon of light every day for the children and families we serve. Thank you,